After Your First Session
Psychological therapy usually involves attending a series of consultations or sessions. During these sessions you will learn strategies to help manage your current difficulties, as well as develop an understanding of how these problems came about and are being maintained. The duration of these sessions varies from person to person and the problems they are experiencing.

Psychological therapy is a collaborative process. Together you and your psychologist will regularly review how the therapy is going, gauge your progress towards your goals and the likely duration and frequency of ongoing sessions.

There is usually an expectation that therapy will help your situation and improve your current functioning. It is however important to know that sometimes those expectations may not be met. Whether it’s because you are not quite ready to talk about the issue, whether you feel you are being forced to confront a problem or whether you were not able to build a solid relationship with the therapist, sometimes you may feel that therapy is not right for you. If this happens for you, it is important you talk about this with your psychologist. At Dubbo Psychologist we are interested in working with you at your pace. This may vary from time to time depending on many factors in your life. We will work with you collaboratively to ensure that you achieve the best outcomes for you.